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The Harmful Consequences Of Being A News Junkie, Without A Cause Or Purpose

The Failure of U.S. Foreign Policies

Be Good To Yourself

Addressing Global Hunger, Poverty, and Income Disparities

Meet Constellic. Zenith Constellic

Imran Siddiqui Obituary - As You Walk Over His Grave Don’t Forget About Yours

Russo-Ukrainian War - Brotherhood In The Trenches of Bloodshed.

Reflections of a Retired Police Officer, Who Was Abusive: A Lifetime of Regrets

Americans And The Love Of Their Guns.

No One Is Getting Justice On This Earth Until They Are Just With Their Creator Except What He Wishes

Employment Vacancy Descriptions Are Not Written to Hire Human Beings - Companies Are Dreaming To Hire Super-Human Sherpas.

The Global Implications of a Rogue Nation-State's Use of Bioweapons

The Negative Effects of U.S. Foreign Policy on America and the Global Community

The Next American President? Who is Steve Laffey? Why is he running to be the next U.S. President?

​Speaking Rock, Life, Death, and the Hereafter, with Chris Cornell

Hiroshima Atomic Bombing - Unraveling The Horrors Of The Aftermath And Learning Hard Lessons For A Peaceful Future

Social Media Is Mass Surveillance Making You Lazy, Vulnerable,Self Deluded, Narcissistic, Emotionally Displaced, And Cognitively Dissonant.

When One Game Ends Another Begins. But Only One of Them Is For Real.

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What Makes Americans One of The Most Kind-Hearted People In The World?

Red, Blue and Yellow Journalism - The New American Mainstream Legacy Media.

Scrambling Is How The European Imperialists Conquered, Divided And Split Africa Amongst Themselves

The Love And Hate Relationship Between America and China.

The Kids In America Are Killing Each Other More Frequently Now Than In Any Of The Previous Centuries?

What Is Renewable Energy? What Are The Different Types Of Renewable Energy? And What Are Their Benefits?

Water Thieves - How Corporations and Governments Control Water To Control You When Water Is Free

The Benefits Of Saving Money Now To Maybe Save Yourself In The Future

What Is The Military Industrial Complex Who Owns It Who Runs It And Who Benefits From It?

Why Are Millions Of American Children Going Hungry In The Richest Country of The World?

The Injustices In The Fair Distribution of Food Water and Shelter Worldwide.

De-Dollarization - The End Of The Line - And The Eventual Return To The Gold Standard

The Rise of China and Russia As Geopolitical Global Powers In a Multipolar New World Order

The Victims and Survivors Of Acid Attacks

Which Country Has The Best Justice System In The World Today?

What Would Happen If There Is A Nuclear War Between U.S. And Russia?

The Blockchain VS The U.S. Government and Its Severe Love of The Crypto

The Shameless Self-Destructive Corruption In the United States "Criminal" Justice System

Injustice Inc. How To Fight For The Innocent And The Wrongfully Convicted. A Manual For Warriors.

The Disastrous U.S. Invasion of Iraq in 2003 And The Crippling After Effects of An Unjust War

The History of Wrongful Convictions in America With Remedies To Fix It Once and For All

The role of the U.S. government and the CIA in the continued destabilization of Pakistan.